A Comedy for the Digital Age

KAT – Eccentric, ballsy, sexy and sassy lady – Kat Bradley never makes apologizes or excuses. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She knows no limits and embraces all that life has to offer her. She was named Kitty Kat Bradley due her mother’s love for cats and she is clearly a product of her parent’s very liberal and hippyish lifestyle. She never was one for the books, but was always very driven, intelligent and ambitious. She had no choice but to be a creative force, so when reality TV became her guilty pleasure, she decided it would also be the way she would support herself. Currently, she is Pierre Artois’ personal assistant and he is the host of “Drag Swag”, a drag queen fashion competition show, whose days in the spotlight may be coming to an end. Although Kat’s goals have always been to succeed in the behind the scenes world, when fame comes knocking, it is  just a matter of time before she answers the door with an action ready smile and a skin tight shirt to complete the picture.

JACKIE – Sweet, demure, rule follower, girl next door – Jackie Jones  is equally as smart as Kat but demonstrates it and lives her life in the exact opposite way as her best friend chooses to. This does not stop her from adoring Kat since the age of 7 and being roommates with her. Jackie comes from parents who think that money buys class when in reality it far from does. She did take advantage however of the best education money could buy and vowed to live her life differently from her family’s…not that she doesn’t love or respect them, but she always wanted to play by the rules and live a life that was different. Up until know, she has succeeded. She received her MBA from Stanford Business School and met her fiancé when she interned at his father’s money management firm. Teddy, her fiancé represents all that she has wanted for herself for as long she can remember. When fame comes knocking on her door, she fights it with all that she has, since it threatens to destroy all that she has worked for. As time goes on, all of her fighting ends up destroying it anyway so she has no reason but to just succumb.

TEDDY – Oldest of two sons, smart and good looking in a very geeky kind of a way – Teddy Roosevelt Vanwiner is a handful and plays everything by the rules all of the time. It’s what has been expected of him since the day he was born by his upper class socialite parents who have owned  the money management firm for three generations. He immediately fell in love with Jackie, but love for Teddy is something that fills a checklist, not something that necessarily comes from the heart. That’s not to say he’s not a perfect gentleman and cares about Jackie deeply, but it does mean that if the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit perfectly all the time, he enters a area that is a complete shade of gray and he truly doesn’t know how to behave so he retracts and removes himself from the situation. His sense of right and wrong (which at times is truly unilateral) will ultimately make him lose out on the one thing he cares about more than he ever could have suspected.

PIERRE – Gay, proud, black gay man who is colorful and the life of every party – Pierre Artois is more than happy to be in the spotlight, but he sees the writing on the wall and knows he has to reinvent himself and fast since his shows’ ratings are continuing to drop. He expects the most from the people around him, but they are more than happy to oblige since his charm and wit take over and mesmerize. His most loyal employee, Kat Bradley will do anything for him and anything to be like him. So when Pierre sees the opportunity to attach himself to Kat’s bandwagon, he tells her she should consider having her own reality show with him as a co-star. Kat is over the moon with excitement. He tells her there are 2 catches…one – she needs to get Jackie on board and two, they would have to work with the douchebags that caught them on film in the first place. They all know the common denominator of the problem for this one – Jackie!