A Comedy for the Digital Age

The show

5 minutes of fame can lead to a lifetime of shame

What happens when an outrageous incident, that at the time seems insignificant changes your life?  What if when the so-called insignificant incident is caught on camera and is literally an overnight sensation and goes viral?  This is exactly what happens to Kat and Jackie.  When they are kicked out of a bar for starting a fight, they try to get back in to use the bathroom. They are told they cannot, so defiantly (and drunkenly) shrug it off and decide to take matters in their own hands. They go around the corner, find an alley and pee. What they did not expect was that 2 drunk guys, leaving the same exact club, catch them and decide to film it. The guys spend all night auto-tuning it and when the girls wake up, they realize their one act of drunken indiscretion has gone viral. When one protagonist revels in her 15 minutes of fame, the other is mortified over the potential (and actual) consequences. Viral is a comedy that has heart and true emotional depth as these two, thick as thieves but complete opposite girls have to learn to deal with the fame that has literally been thrown on their laps.